The highly anticipated new release Declaration N° 6 is the sixth album by Sardinian band Train To Roots, due for release on 20th October 2017. In recent years this band has firmly established itself on the international reggae scene with productions and live performances which have impressed the audiences and industry heads alike.

Anticipated by the single Move It, an original 80’s dancehall style tune that in the first two months has had more than 100.000 of YouTube and social media views, Declaration N° 6 is a very focused root rock reggae album which deals with themes from the growing racism of European states as a reaction to the phenomenon of mass migration to issues of spiritual growth and awareness of our role in countering this to build a much more pleasant and ethical society.

Legendary frontman Bunna (of Italian reggae band ‘Africa Unite’ fame) lends his gravitas to one of the eleven previously unreleased tracks and Eugenio Finardi, singer-songwriter from Milan (who was revolutionary in the experimental and progressive 70s rock scene) translates verses from Procurare e moderare, a well-known traditional Sardinian protest song, into Italian on another track.

Declaration N° 6 comes out in Italy on INRI and will be distributed globally by VPAL, part of the world’s foremost reggae label, VPRecords.


Formed in Sardinia in 2004, Train To Roots is now one of the most famous bands on the Italian reggae scene and has captivated audiences at hundreds of concerts all across Europe. While constantly pushing ahead and delivering explosive live shows, they have maintained an unusual mix of styles and languages on all of their five albums, incorporating everything from the nuances of Jamaican music and black music with engaging and funny lyrics in Italian, Sardinian and English.

The band began their journey with their debut album of the same name Train To Roots (2005). This was by followed Terra e Acqua (2008) featuring Sargento Garcia and Ranking Joe, which was remixed in 2009 with two bonus tracks, including a collaboration with Errol Bellot. Subsequently releasing Breathin’ Faya (2011) and Growing (INRI, 2014), which marked a turning point for the band, ushering in a new approach to work and introducing new styles of black music.

The fifth album Home (INRI, 2016), distributed globally by VP Records, with the help of fellow Italians: Clementino, Madh, Levante and Lion D, as well as Spaniards Aspencat & Auxili. It showcases the first 10 years of the band, essentially a roots rock reggae sound but with occasional nods to underground electronic beats and contemporary sounds and enriched with the poignant presence of 70s revival style choruses.

While their British maternal roots were clearly apparent in their early production, Train To Roots stand out for their use of many contemporary elements which they incorporate into their music, continually growing while nurturing their roots, with a strong passion for music without limits.


  1. Better Run
  2. Nessuno Mai feat. Bunna
  3. RoadBlock
  4. Bubbling
  5. Sveglia
  6. Teddy Was
  7. General
  8. Non Sei Sola
  9. Move It
  10. Parole e Musica feat. Eugenio Finardi
  11. Disco Sauna

album length: 42 minutes


label INRI / VPAL
distribution A1 entertainment / VPAL
publishing Metatron srl
Produced by: Antonio PapaN’tò Leardi for Train To Roots
Mastered by: Simone Squillario
Cover work: Declaration n.6 by Vincenzo Pattusi aka Ludo 1948
Graphic Design: Simone BaS Art Bardi





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