A selection of the best Italian and international pianists in the world of neoclassical music: the goal of our first piano compilation entitled “The Shape Of Piano To Come, Vol. I” is to present to the public original songs that represent the beauty and innovation of the contemporary piano world, with composers who are able to combine classical tradition and innovation.

20 artists from 6 countries in the world, for more than one million monthly listeners; 3 songs per week for a total of 7 weeks, culminating with the release of the whole album on 6/11, which will also be printed on vinyl in a limited edition. Thanks to a worldwide network of partners, with every single song we aim to reach as many ears and hearts as possible, tracing a path that looks to the past, reflects the present but also peaks at the future, following the notes of a piano.

Radio Monte Carlo is the official media partner.

Find out more about the project here (pwd: p1an0)